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Nutrient Testing

eat-local-baze-website-featured-image-300x300-fa.jpgIntroducing Baze Vitamin Testing

Baze uses innovative technology to determine which nutrients you need, so you can focus on the foods and supplements that suit you best. After all, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. With a simple, at-home test kit, start analyzing your essential nutrient levels, including omega-3 fatty acids, choline, chromium, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B12, selenium, copper, magnesium, and zinc. Along with your test results, you’ll get a convenient monthly subscription with personalized, high-quality supplements. Scheduled re-testing is included so you can monitor and continually optimize your nutrition. Watch How it Works.

Target Nutrient Deficiencies
Supplements are only part of the picture. Pair your Baze Test Kit with our Essential NutrientSampler, featuring delicious meals that help maximize nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin E.

Review Your Results
Our in-house Registered Dietitians will review your results in a FREE 30-minute Nutrition Consultation. Start customizing a nutritious meal plan together. Request Appointment.

For a limited time, save 20% off the Baze Vitamin Test Kit or Baze Vitamin Test Kit + Essential Nutrient Sampler. Use promo code WELCOMEBAZE at checkout.

  • Baze Vitamin Test Kit

    From now until Mar 2, save 20% using Promo Code WELCOMEBAZE. Included: 1 Vitamin Test Kit & Lab AnalysisStep 1: Testing Is as Easy as Set, Click, and ShipUse the Baze test to collect a small blood sample which will analyze your levels of...

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  • Essential Nutrient Sampler

    From now until Mar 2, save 20% using Promo Code WELCOMEBAZE. We’ve partnered with Baze to bring you personalized nutrient test kits. Your Eat Local Registered Dietitian can review the results from your blood test and match you with meals that...

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