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We started Eat Local over 10 years ago because we thought people must want convenient food made using real ingredients and traditional cooking methods.

We had no idea how hard it is to make delicious frozen food from scratch. We wouldn’t have survived without our drive, care for the customer and our dedicated kitchen team, who worked through all of the mistakes.

Our kitchen is the heart of the business.  We believe passionately that people can cook much tastier food than a factory full of machines.
Our kitchen in Burien, Washington uses techniques and ingredients as a good cook would at home.  The Prep section prepares all the raw ingredients, chopping, dicing, mincing, trimming. The Chefs cook in big, gas-heated pans.  The Mix & Weigh section makes sure all the components of a dish are assembled correctly. The Pastry team carefully crafts pies by hand.
We support the community by employing intellectually disabled team members on our portioning and labeling line. Everything is blast chilled and frozen, locking in flavor and nutrients so every dish tastes freshly homemade when it emerges from a customer’s oven or microwave.

Thank you 

Greg & Matthew